A fix for the “Close all dialogs” issue with EMC in combination with IE9 has been released!

I usually do not write about news or hotfix releases on my blog, mostly because I find it a bit unnecessary since you all probably follow the Microsoft Exchange Team Blog. But for this one I will make an exception.

Microsoft just released a fix for the problem with interoperability between Exchange Management Console and Internet Explorer 9 that many has seen since the release of IE9. When IE9 is installed and you try to close the EMC you will receive the following error message:

You must close all dialog boxes before you can close Exchange Management Console.


Neither the hotfix or the KB article is available to the public yet, but it can be requested from Microsoft support. The hotfix that you need to request is for the KB 2624899, more information on how to contact Microsoft Support follows…


How do I call support? Will I need to pay for this?

In order to reach Microsoft support, you can find the correct support contact for your location here. Microsoft does not charge for hotfixes or support cases related to product bugs. Both IE and Exchange support teams should be able to get this patch for you. 


More information regarding this can be found here!