Are you still running Exchange 2007?

Then it is about time you start planning for a transition to a newer version of Exchange Server. Why you might ask, it is still working ok. Well, the extended support for Exchange Server 2007 ends in 2017-04-11, in other words, just one year left!

There are some things you need to take in consideration, one big and quite essential point is that you cannot go to Exchange 2016 Server directly. Microsoft only support migration from Exchange Server two versions old, so since you are on that old platform you will have to go to either 2010 or 2013 before you can move on to 2016.

But there is not really something you need to worry about, it is quite straight forward and manageable, even if it does take some time to perform. There is also quite a lot of tools you can use, BinaryTree, Dell, MigrationWiz and CodeTwo, to name a few, all have tools that can help you on your way.

If you want more information regarding the support you can have a look here.