Exchange Server 2010 SP1 released!

Yesterday Microsoft released Service Pack 1 for Exchange Server 2010. I will post more on this ASAP, while you are waiting you can read more on SP1 here:

MS Exchange Team Blog:


What’s new:

Release notes:

Change a resource mailbox booking window in Exchange 2010

This is a follow-up on my post on the same topic for Exchange 2007. This post will explain how to change the Booking Windows for a resource mailbox in Exchange Server 2010. This value is set to 180 days by default and many organizations find this a bit low.

In Exchange Server 2010 we use the following command to change this setting:
Set-CalendarProcessing "<ResourceMailboxName>" -BookingWindowInDays <NumberOfDays>

Set-CalendarProcessing "test3" -BookingWindowInDays 365


If you want to set this for all room mailboxes at once use the following command:
Get-Mailbox | Where {$_.RecipientTypeDetails -eq "RoomMailbox"} | Set-CalendarProcessing -BookingWindowInDays 365


You can verify the settings using the following commands:
Get-CalendarProcessing "test3" | FL Identity,BookingWindowInDays


For all room mailboxes:
Get-Mailbox | Where {$_.RecipientTypeDetails -eq "RoomMailbox"} | Get-CalendarProcessing | FL Identity,BookingWindowInDays


Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any questions!

My post on the same topic for Exchange 2007 can be found here!