Wildcard Certificates, POP3 and IMAP in Exchange 2007

I was asked to configure POP3 and MAP access to a Exchange Server 2007 environment the other day. The goal was to have a working secure POP3 and IMAP solution.

I soon found out that the certificate we had to work with was a wildcard certificate. I configured the services as recommended by Microsoft but still could not get it to work. So, after some digging I found out that wildcard certificates simply are not supported.

We reconfigured the services using a standard certificate and everything worked well. So if you are going for a secure POP3 or IMAP solution, do not use a wildcard certificate!

Windows Storage Server 2008 Default Password

I was installing Windows Storage Server 2008 this evening and where going crazy about the default password that Microsoft decided to add to this server. I dont really see the reason why they would set a default password since no other servers has one.

Anyways, here is the password: wSS2008!

Good luck!